Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Across Europe

What a week in Luxembourg! The HIP4tet at it's best form! 
Our compulsory bbq:
We are definitely getting better at making fire even if our trills are not quite in perfect sync yet.
But that's getting better as well..
Our concert in the museum was closely watched by a portrait of Beethoven. And because on the picture he looked quite young and possibly not deaf yet, we really tried hard with Op.18..

After a day off, we had to get ourselves together to cross the continent. Taxi-bus-plane-bus-no metro-bus-train-taxi. And here I am, in the quiet little town of Mondovi. Key to my room didn't work of course. But problem solved, didnt have to sleep on the corridor.
Surprise for the morning: our project is actually recorded! So Corelli with Sony. I'll let you know if it is worth keeping an eye out for this.

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